Big Brain Erotica: Best Reads of 2015

My sincere thanks to the hugely knowledgeable, insightful and unfailingly entertaining Terrance Aldon Shaw of ‘Erotica for the Big Brain‘ (in my opinion, the very best review site for erotic fiction) for including ‘The Gentlemen’s Club‘ among his ‘best reads of 2015’.

Gentlemens Club 2

I’m in excellent company, alongside:

Twentysix (Jonarthan Kemp)Twentysix (Jonathan Kemp), with its ‘wild surfeit of language’ and ‘sumptuous banquet of experience’;
the ‘bold, surprising and sometimes shocking’ Addictive Desires (Big Ed Maggusun); andAddictive Desires 002
Katie in Love (Thurlow)Katie in Love (Chloe Thurlow), beautiful in its melancholy,  ‘reflective, sensuous and cerebral’.

Libidinous Zombie (ed. Rose Caraway), ‘skillfully melding horror, erotica, comic sensibility and the macabre’ and featuring some of the leading writers in the genre:

Malin Libidinous Zombie 2James, Remittance Girl, Rose CarawayTamsin Flowers, Jade A Waters, Raziel Moore, Allen Dusk and Janine Ashbless

(see here for my own review)



Generation Game 2



Generation Game (Secret Narrative), an artful exploration of mature desire

One Night Only 2One Night Only: Erotic Encounters (ed. Violet Blue), a steamy anthology boasting such literary legends as Rachel Kramer Bussel and Donna George Storey



The ‘intriguingly original and soulful’ Aphrodite OverboardAphrodite Overboard (Raiment) (Richard V. Raiment)



Lips Like Ice (Peggy Barnett), ‘which contains elements of classic feminist science fiction in the best tradition of Ursula K. Le Guin and Margaret Atwood’

Lips Like Ice 2





The ‘genre-bending, thought-provoking and heart-warming’ Counsel of the Wicked (Rebel Mage: Book 1) (ElizabethCounsel of the Wicked (Schechter) Schechter)



and, in praise of the enduring, voluptuous, intoxicating delight of Angela Carter’s Bloody Chamber, Bloody Chamber (Angela Carter)a nomination for the release of the  75th Anniversary Edition


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