Relentless and Destructive: a review of Libidinous Zombie

The full version of this review appears on Cara Sutra’s Pleasure Panel, alongside others.

What is theLibidinous Zombie - an erotic horror anthology nature of our erotic drive, relentless and destructive, the ‘Libidinous Zombie‘ within? This innovative collection takes up the torch, and dares to lead us down the twisting passageways of the labyrinth, each  author unravelling the threads in their own way, leaving their footprints for us to follow. As Remittance Girl describes it, here is an anthology which presents ‘the delicious marriage between horror and eroticism’.Libidinous Zombie - an erotic horror anthology

From the dystopian setting of a post-apocalyptic world (Tamsin Flowers‘ poignant tale) to the confines of an early 20th century mental asylum (Malin James‘ compelling depiction of descent into the madness of sexual obsession) we are taken on a shadow journey, where nothing is quite as it seems.

Their charm lies in the unexpected, in their twists, as tLibidinous Zombie - an erotic horror anthologyhey arouse and horrify, provoking both disgust and a compulsion to continue.

Libidinous Zombie - an erotic horror anthologyThese tales offer not just entertainment but a deeper commentary on what we choose to conceal, or reveal. They offer insight into the voracious nature of lust, and into our darker side, into the thoughts we rarely admit to. And, they offer warning: be careful of what you wish for, and how you behave.Libidinous Zombie - an erotic horror anthology

Follow the rich pathways of the maze, seek out the minotaur, and, when you find him, look deep into his eyes. There, you’ll see your own self reflected, your own image, prompted by the author’s lens. Remember that each reader brings their own interpretation to the page, and what you find in the labyrinth reveals your own preoccupations, as much as those of he or she who wrote the words.

Enjoy the feast: rich and spicy; grotesque and violent; heart-breaking and bittersweet.

Devour these dishes course by course, without rushing. Savour them to the full.

Libidinous Zombie - an erotic horror anthology


A collection worthy of your time, featuring:

Rose Caraway, Raziel Moore,Erotic HorrorRemittance Girl, Allen Dusk, Janine Ashbless, Jade. A. Waters, Malin James and Tamsin Flowers.

2 thoughts on “Relentless and Destructive: a review of Libidinous Zombie

  1. Emmanuelle,

    Thank you. For reading our stories, and, of course, for adding your thoughts. I appreciate it so much.


    Rose Caraway

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