Works by Emmanuelle de Maupassant

Dorchadas House teaser Emmanuelle de Maupassant Gothic erotic Scottish folk horror taleA dilapidated manor on a remote Scottish isle. An old maze, concealing something even older. Strange dreams and awakening desires.

Yearning for new surrounds, Iris Muir accepts a position at historic Dorchadas House, on the remote Scottish island of Eirig. Drawn to the wild landscape, Iris hopes to forget the burdens of her past: her father’s death, a narrow life in a small-minded town. But the dilapidated manor houses its own secrets.

There are strange cries in the night, and is the stoic housekeeper Mrs McInnes all she seems? Iris begins to have disturbing dreams about the maze, planted centuries ago in the manor grounds to honour the ‘old ways’, concealing something even older.

“Even on that first night, I dreamt. A presence, in the darkness.”


Explore my Highland Pursuits – a wickedly naughty 1920s romantic comedy.square - Highland Christmas by Emmanuelle de Maupassant copy 2

It’s 1928, and defiant debutante Lady Ophelia Finchingfield is banished to the Highlands of Scotland, having refused a marriage proposal from the Earl of Woldershire. Ophelia isn’t willing to marry just to please her mother, and certainly not to a man she finds sexually unappealing.


A bizarre selection of suitors are soon presenting themselves, but Ophelia remains one step ahead, until she begins to fall in love with Hamish, the Castle’s estate manager.

To Ophelia’s annoyance, he’s already spoken for, and glamorous French coquette Felicité has no intention of letting ruggedly attractive Hamish slip from the service of her bed.

Intrigue abounds, as Ophelia discovers that there’s more to her rival than meets the eye, and that the Castle is a hotbed of illicit cavorting.


The-Gentlemens-Club-KindleMy Gentlemen’s Club, set in Victorian London, explores the lure of the sensuous, entering a realm of elegant debauchery.

We live in the wondrous here and now and it is here that our flesh must take its pleasure. Your body is yours and yours alone, but not for long, and never long enough.

Take your seat. The curtain is rising.

An erotic novella set in London, 1898. 



The sequel to The Gentlemen’s Club is ‘Italian Sonata
Italian-Sonata-KindleTowering above its island of wave-lashed rock is Castello di Scogliera.

Look up at the narrow windows, and you might think yourself watched.

Something, or someone, has been waiting for Lady McCaulay to arrive…

What dark secrets lie within those walls?

Madness, abduction, imprisonment… murder?

The past does not lie quietly.

A sumptuous Gothic Romance, filled with mystery, intrigue, and the lure of the sensuous.


Baby Love
is free if you’d like to nab a copy.

baby love Emmanuelle de Maupassant romantic comedyValentine’s Day is approaching and heavily pregnant Delphine should be anticipating the customary candlelit curry, and some cozy canoodling. However, her rat-fink husband has packed his bags and abandoned her for the charms of their sexy neighbour, leaving Delphine struggling to cope.

Juliet and Suzanne, Delphine’s sisters, insist that the best remedy for a broken heart is a healthy dose of pampering: cue a spa break, where there’s more in store for Delphine than a hot stone massage and a spell in the jacuzzi.



You may enjoy my darkly grotesque Cautionary Tales, inspired by Eastern European and Russian superstitions and customs.

Black humour and blacker hearts: a blend of horror and eroticism.

Whispered from the edges, tales of sex and death, ambition, jealousy, lust and greed.

We are behind the door, in the corners,Cautionary Tales Emmanuelle de Maupassant
In the room where you’ve just extinguished the light.
We flicker in the shadow you cast on the wall.
We are the prickle on the back of your neck.
Curled, in words unspoken,
We are the shiver on your uneasy flesh,
The creep of the unknown on your skin.
Can you feel us?
Here, at the edges.

We see what you cannot.
We are not alone, and nor are you.

Crook your finger;
we’ll come closer.
Pull the covers tighter to your chin;
in beside you we’ll creep.


If you enjoy historical erotica, you may like to dip into Viking Thunder

Viking-Thunder-KindleAlso free at present


‘We all struggle. We all desire.’

When the Northmen’s ship is brought ashore in a storm, Elswyth is faced with the prowess of Eirik: a giant of a man who lets nothing stand in his way.

Elswyth struggles to remain independent, but cannot deny her sexual attraction and, ultimately, the satisfaction she finds in Eirik’s bed.

Can Eirik offer her more, and what dark secrets await Elswyth, if she returns with the Northmen to their distant lands?


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