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Hello, and welcome

I’m Emmanuelle, lover of sushi, marzipan and the Scottish Highlands. I live with my husband (maker of the best fruit cake ever) and with my little Skye Terrier, Ms. Scruffy, (connoisseur of squeaky toys and bacon treats).

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I love writing historical romance. Men and women bound by the era’s rules and restraints, yet craving something more: True love. Adventure. Grand passion.

You’ll find my heroines unabashedly enjoying sex, with heroes who know what they’re about! 

I hope these stories provide welcome escape and entertainment, that they inspire you and transport you.

My characters battle many of the same challenges we do today: striving for independence and self-determination, while yearning for true love.

In cheering for my heroes and heroines, I want you to cheer for yourself. Like the women and men in my stories, you’re stronger than you may realize, more resourceful and more determined.

As for happy endings, we all need to believe that things can get better if we persevere, that there is hope, and the chance to embrace a life of love and friendship and contentment.

I’m often asked why my books feature so much sex! Bizarrely, exploring sexuality and desire on the page isn’t celebrated in the same way as the exploration of other human themes, such as grief or unrequited love. No matter that literature exploring sexuality often does so in the context of far wider human experience. You’ll always find steamy scenes in my stories, because I believe our desire for sexual connection is as strong as our desire for love, and deserves to be explored on the page.  

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I also have a reader group on Facebook, called The Boudoir – where you’ll often find me chatting… All are welcome 

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