Master of the Moor – a sexy sneak peek

My new release, ‘Master of the Moor’ (set on Dartmoor in 1903), is now live!

You can find it in the gorgeous boxed set: Seduced Under the Mistletoe and you can purchase HERE

Meanwhile, here’s a steamy snippet to wet your appetite.  

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He grabbed her wrist and Genevieve gave a strangled cry but struggled only for a moment. Making herself limp, she raised her face to him, with eyes half closed, offering him the fullness of her lips.

“Go to blazes!” he hissed, pushing her away.

He itched to discipline her, to pin the soft weight of her to his lap, his hand upon the exposed curve of her bottom, delivering smack after smack. She’d take them until her cheeks burned and she was quietened into submission.

The very thought sent a surge through his bollocks.

He knew what would follow. Reaching between those luscious cheeks, he’d find her fur creamed wet.

Damnation! What was he thinking? Never had he laid hands on a woman in that way, wishing both to punish and to fuck.

He was losing his mind.

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Viking Warriors



Hoorah for Vikings!

Enter a world of burning desire and brutal passion; a world threatened by ambition, jealousy and revenge.

He is bound by duty…
Eirik has shed his blood on the battlefield; now, he’s commanded to marry a woman he’s never met.

Will his sense of honour part him from Elswyth forever?

She is as brave as any man…
Elswyth is at the mercy of Jarl Gunnolf’s darkest seductions.

Against the ancient blood-rituals of Ostara night, dark forces are stirring.

Will Elswyth fall prey to the devious schemes of her enemies?

Surrender to suspense, mystery and forbidden passion – in ‘Viking Wolf’.

Heat level: volcanic


After many months of writing sweaty, kinky, warrior sex, ‘Viking Wolf‘ has hit the shelves.


Scroll below for a steamy snippet.

Wolf Teaser jpg

He must have beaten Faline quite recently, for the welts were still livid across her buttocks — blue, without any hint of yellowing. He unclasped his belt and pulled the leather through.

“It’s shameful for a man to harm a woman, or for him to take her body when she has no desire.”

“You think this one has no desire?” Gunnolf slapped Faline’s backside and I winced to see her flinch. “She likes to fight but she likes fucking even more… and she is made for fucking.”

He lingered over the last word and pulled the belt tight between his hands but, instead of raising his arm to strike her with its edge, he pulled her hands awkwardly behind her back, wrapping the belt’s length around her wrists.

Lowering his mouth to the bruise on her rounded cheek, he bit the flesh savagely.

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Viking Thunder erotic sexy romance

Grab the sizzling prequel, ‘Viking Thunder’, from Amazon

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