Viking Thunder


Viking Thunder erotic sexy romance



Captured. Seduced. Craved.
Eirik is used to taking whatever he desires for his own, and what he wants is Elswyth. He’ll have her submission, even if it means parading her in front of his drunken raiders and threatening to claim her before them all.
Elswyth has gone from a loveless marriage to the captive of a Viking brute. So why does she find herself aroused and yearning to submit to his fierce seduction?
Her heart speaks to his hardened soul and he vows to show her the true nature of what it means to be loved by a Viking.

In Eirik’s arms, can Elswyth find what her heart yearns for?
Dare she follow him to distant lands, across the vast, dark sea?

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What readers are saying: 

‘the most erotic book I’ve ever read… and when I listened to it on Audible it was even better!  The narrator does an excellent job presenting the intense and dark tale of Viking raids and fierce warriors.’

‘… earthy and primal and resonates in your blood.’

‘Viking Warrior, steaming hot!!!’

‘I need a fan to cool me off! I loved it!’

‘Elswyth is such a wonderful [heroine]…  I loved her resilience and inner fire!’

‘The writing style is captivating… I was totally immersed in this book.’

‘The emotion leaps from the pages, grabs you by the gut and explodes in your heart.’

This story is so satisfying, with its complicated, self-possessed heroine.

‘…reflections on love, fate and destiny, cheek by jowl with unapologetically explicit descriptions of sex’

‘satisfyingly real’

‘Fast paced, but well written.’

‘Scorching hot!’


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