Baby Love


Baby Love, a romantic comedy set in British Cornwall


baby love Emmanuelle de Maupassant romantic comedy

Pregnant and dumped… Delphine’s life couldn’t get any worse! Well, perhaps it could, since she now feels utterly blah and unattractive, convinced that no man will ever want her, much less love her. Cue her smarty-pants sisters, who know better and take her to the spa for a weekend of pampering.

What she expects is a hot stone massage and a pedicure. What she doesn’t see coming is some not-so-innocent flirtation with a hot cowboy.

Will Delphine get her groove back? It’ll be tough, but oh so much fun to try.


I’ve so much enjoyed writing ‘Baby Love’. Now, I have the fun of sharing it with you.

baby love DIY quote Emmanuelle de Maupassant romantic comedy

Here’s what readers are saying:

‘I sat up until the early hours, unwilling to put it down. It’s a joy to read. I can’t recommend it enough.  –  Rachel de Vine

‘A  gem of a story – had me in stitches.’  –  Alison

‘Might be the funniest by Emmanuelle de Maupassant yet.’  – Katie

baby love quote Emmanuelle de Maupassant romantic comedy

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baby love romantic comedy by Emmanuelle de Maupassant