Secrets and Scandals

Exciting news today… as I have a new ‘Lady’s Guide’ story : ‘The Lady’s Guide to Scandal’

‘The Lady’s Guide to Scandal’… Oh I say!

…and, it’s nestled among these two gorgeous (sizzlingly steamy) Christmas sets.

Too early for Christmas I hear you cry?
Well…maybe… But, it’s never too early to enjoy some fabulous historical romance!

And who doesn’t love a Christmas house party?

Both collections are free with Kindle Unlimited but you can also purchase them as ‘forever keeps’ for just $2.99 each.
(the elves tell me the price is going to be rising as we get closer to the Yule season, so best to nab them both now)

And, to celebrate, there’s a giftcard giveaway.
Do click through to take part.

Someone has to win!

Anything to add….?

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