12 Highlander heroes are about to meet their match…

I’m thrilled to announce to release of a brand new story from me – which is featuring in this gorgeous Highlander set.

We could all do with a little ‘escape’ right now… and I’d say this is the perfect recipe.

Twelve Highlander heroes are about to meet their match in twelve feisty heroines.

Amidst the wild Scottish mountains, the snow is falling deep, but there’s passion and adventure, intrigue, mystery and a whole lot of humorous shenanigans to keep you warm. 

You’ll find my own ‘Lady’s Guide to a Highlander’s Heart’ among these lovely stories.

Our heroine’s father is murdered on the night of her hastily arranged marriage.

Who does she believe did the dirty deed?
Why… our hero of course! 
After fleeing, she reappears years later…disguised as a dairymaid to enter his castle. 
What happens next?
I’ll leave you to guess!

If you love Highlanders, you’re going to be in heaven. 
And… you might have guessed, there is a dog! 
A wolfhound, actually… 

and… Book Money to Win

We have a GIVEAWAY ❤️
Super-easy entry… please do drop your name in the hat…
The winner could be YOU

Want to find out more?

Visit the Amazon sales page HERE

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