Viking Beast

Hello all
I’ve been a bit teary today… and the reason is that I’ve been reading reviews for my latest release – ‘Viking Beast’ (hitting Kindles as of yesterday). Those reviews have been more deeply moving than I could have imagined.


I think every author worries about a new story but I was particularly anxious for ‘Viking Beast’ because it doesn’t follow a traditional romance arc (no spoilers here… but, when you read it, you’ll discover why it’s rather different).

 Find Viking Beast HERE if you’re yet to take a peek.


Thank you hugely to my ‘early eyes’ reviewers, who’ve taken time to leave feedback

(ps – if you’re yet to join my review team, you can do so HERE).

In celebration of the release, I have $25 of book money to giveaway. Please do enter…you can click through HERE.

Ps – for anyone wondering if there will be a fourth ‘spin off’ story, in light of the surprise ending for ‘Viking Beast’, be assured that I have plans…


Sending my love, as always.
Happy Reading

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