Viking Warriors

Battle-hardened and broad-chested, with arms strong enough to sweep you off your feet… yes – we’re talking warrior romance!

I’m joining twenty-six other fabulous authors to offer you free romances, all featuring alpha heroes.

click here to browse stories from… Renee Rose, Cecelia Mecca, Hildie McQueen, Felicity Brandon, Ashe Barker, Lily Harlem, Sue Lyndon, Lee Savino, Sadie Carter, Lily Reynard, Sassa Daniels, Gianna Simone, Sky Purington, Jane Burrelli, Samantha MacLeod, Simone Leigh, Ruth Kaufman, Bambi Lynn, Mary Lancaster, Alexa Aston, Cathy MacRae, Mariah Stone, Celeste Barclay, Nicole René, Kris Kennedy, and Rosamund Winchester.

Our thanks to Prolific Works for hosting us.

Happy Reading


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