Master of the Moor – a sexy sneak peek

My new release, ‘Master of the Moor’ (set on Dartmoor in 1903), is now live!

You can find it in the gorgeous boxed set: Seduced Under the Mistletoe and you can purchase HERE

Meanwhile, here’s a steamy snippet to wet your appetite.  

Please do mark as ‘want to read’ – on Goodreads


He grabbed her wrist and Genevieve gave a strangled cry but struggled only for a moment. Making herself limp, she raised her face to him, with eyes half closed, offering him the fullness of her lips.

“Go to blazes!” he hissed, pushing her away.

He itched to discipline her, to pin the soft weight of her to his lap, his hand upon the exposed curve of her bottom, delivering smack after smack. She’d take them until her cheeks burned and she was quietened into submission.

The very thought sent a surge through his bollocks.

He knew what would follow. Reaching between those luscious cheeks, he’d find her fur creamed wet.

Damnation! What was he thinking? Never had he laid hands on a woman in that way, wishing both to punish and to fuck.

He was losing his mind.

Read on…

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