Viking Wolf


I’m still in the writing cave, wresting with Eirik and his wickedly sexy brother, Gunnolf.

Today, I have a NSFW steamy snippet for you – from my upcoming novel, ‘Viking Wolf’, the second volume in the ‘Viking Thunder’ series.

Viking Thunder erotic sexy romance

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From ‘Viking Wolf’…

Viking Wolf teaser

I knew he was there; sensed him before seeing him. I could taste the growling thunder on my tongue. Something in me was stirring, waiting to uncoil.

“No more running.” His grip was firm on the yoke of my gown, drawing me up, to stand before him.

I tipped back my head in surrender, waiting for the warmth of his lips, his tongue. The smoke clung still, and the aroma of sex. He was not the man I loved, but it was not love I sought from him. I was my own woman, and slave to no-one. Eirik had left me to fend for myself, and so I would, without regard for him.

There was triumph in Gunnolf’s eyes, for he was about to take what his brother presumed to own. He placed his hands about my throat, lifting my chin with his thumbs, drawing me upwards as he lowered his mouth to mine, opening me to his kiss. I was falling and there was no going back.

His hands moved to bare the swell of my breasts, covering them with warm palms, thumbing my nipples. Dropping his mouth to take one hard point between his teeth, he devoured me with his suckling and teasing, until my cunt clenched. I wanted him inside, making me forget that I’d ever loved Eirik.

Between the dark forest and the sea beyond, we lay down, the softness of my sex welcoming his fingers and then the thick column of his cock, entering my wetness, beneath a sky that cursed us with its rolling thunder.

The crows were circling, cawing their fear, high above, before a jolt stabbed jagged, tearing the sky. I returned the roughness of his lust, biting his lip, breaking his skin with the drag of my nails, pinching the underside of his buttocks, to drive him harder. He was wild and thorough, taking me violently. I had only one thought: that he must not stop.

“Mine now.” He crushed my lips to his as he came, pulsing thick, his hands holding me to the depth of his final thrust.

And the first drops of rain began to fall.

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Viking Wolf is due for release in mid-2018

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