Baby Love


I’m delighted to announce that my Baby Love, a bittersweet, romantic comedy, has just launched. It’s currently priced at just 99c/99p (it will rise in price later, so you may want to grab a copy now) .

Heavily pregnant Delphine’s rat-fink husband has abandoned her for the charms of their sexy neighbour, leaving Delphine struggling to cope.

Juliet and Suzanne, Delphine’s sisters, insist that the best remedy for a broken heart is a  dose of pampering: cue a spa break, where there’s more in store for Delphine than a hot stone massage and a spell in the jacuzzi.

I’ve so much enjoyed writing ‘Baby Love’. Now, I have the fun of sharing it with you.

baby love Emmanuelle de Maupassant romantic comedy 2

Here’s what readers are saying, on Goodreads:

‘I sat up until the early hours, unwilling to put it down. It’s a joy to read. I can’t recommend it enough. – Rachel de Vine

‘A gem of a story – had me in stitches.’ – Alison

‘Might be the funniest by Emmanuelle de Maupassant yet.’ – Katie

baby love DIY quote Emmanuelle de Maupassant romantic comedy copy 2


Here’s how it all begins:

A caravan holiday to Dorset. A beautiful spot, just above Durdle Door, along from Lulworth Cove. Lovely.

It would have been lovely, if it hadn’t been raining. Continuous rain. Sheets of it. So much rain that you couldn’t see the beach, or the crashing, rolling waves, or famous golden limestone arch standing out from the cliffs.

What could we see? Muddy grass, and fat droplets against misted windows.

What does one do, stuck in a tiny caravan, in unseasonal weather? One drinks tea, and plays Scrabble. And one shags.

We finished a 160-pack of teabags. We played seventeen games of Scrabble. And we shagged. A lot.

Bingo. Conception.

No mean feat, as we’d been trying, off and on, for about six years. I’d given up thinking about it. We hadn’t mentioned parenthood for months. A baby, it seemed, was not on the cards.

But, at last, you decided to come along.

Find Baby Love here

baby love Emmanuelle de Maupassant romantic comedy 3


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