‘The Gentlemen’s Club’ – by Emmanuelle de Maupassant

Praise for ‘The Gentlemen’s Club’ – available for download from all Amazon sites – vivid flowers with text kindleincluding Amazon UK and Amazon USA. 

Stylist Magazine UK

‘Sensuous’ and ‘mind-blowing’ with ‘beautifully crafted prose’.


‘I could not go to sleep thinking about your book. I stayed up and read it cover to cover. The most erotic novel I recall reading.’ – Guillermo Tomas

‘An elegantly written piece of period erotica. I was engrossed and highly aroused.’ – Sir to You

Amazon US

‘Erotica – and historical fiction – doesn’t get any better than this. If you haven’t read it, buy it.’ – Seattle Reader

‘A beautiful example of erotic literature – one that shows the genre to be capable of intelligence and elegance. Wonderful and truly impressive.’ – Malin James

Voracious Reader Reviews

‘Have some type of cooling method handy when you sit down to read this.  There’s just something so deliciously naughty about the steamier seedier side of things when everyone is supposed to be so stiff and proper. I simply love it. This is well-Victorian bed lady reclining erotic thoughtswritten, creative and hot. Enough said. Now, go. Run and get it, if you dare…’ – Carol

Erotica for the Big Brain

‘Emmanuelle de Maupassant brings a refreshing confidence to her writing. Her work has already begun to enrich the genre, and readers need look no further than “The Gentlemen’s Club” to understand why.’ – Terrance Aldon Shaw

victorian corset adultery

Escapology Reviews

‘The Gentleman’s Club turned me into a pool of jelly. So hot it set the bathroom on fire and a fire crew had to hose me down’ – Vikki Heaven

Amazon UK

‘A masterpiece of erotica: every paragraph has you begging for the next. An exciting story of lust, passion and romance. Sexually explicit, but not offensive; it will broaden your sexual mind and sexual appetite. If you buy one book this year, make it this one. I am in great anticipation of the follow up.’ – Pauline

csdl51lxgaa4lbt-jpg-large‘I came across this author quite by accident. I am glad that I did! I thoroughly enjoyed this erotic novella as, unlike some of this genre, it was able to hold my interest from an intellectual and visceral stand point. If only some Men of my acquaintance had similar talents! I particularly appreciated the theme of a liberated woman, throwing off the strictures of society (still resonates in this day and age)’ – Melanie

 Amazon Canada

‘This book. This book! This is the book I wish I had written. The Alice Wilkes Ziegfeld Follieslanguage…oh, the language! It grabs you and propels you smack dab into Victorian London from the first paragraph. It weaves a net about you, it draws you in. Iit has you shouting ‘yes, yes, yes,’ like Meg Ryan at the diner, because finally there is a well-rounded, well-written, exquisitely crafted story which redeems the genre.’ – Julia Rist

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