Coming Together in Verse: a review

Coming Together In VerseHere is an anthology for those who delight in both the sensual word, and the inherent comedy of sex, in all its vulgar glory. Here are words intense and poignant, whimsical and witty.

Here is power, conveyed in the sparsest of phrases:
‘He is wordless and unknowable
He is appetite and need
The thrust
of flesh
of horn’
(Janine Ashbless ‘Minotaur’)

Here is the pulsing corporeal:
‘Let the wall be my backbone
as I give up gravity to you’

‘Your tongue and teeth interrogate secrets
Embedded long ago in arteries and skin’
(Adrea Kore ‘Threshold’)

We can taste the ‘scattered seeding dream’ on the ‘platter of my tongue’
(Adrea Kore ‘Best Enjoyed Hard’)


Adrea Kore Threshold erotic poetryJade A Waters and Tamsin Flowers‘ contributions are
intensely sexy, while AJ Chilson and Ashe Barker prove themselves masters of the short form.


It’s impossible not to smile at KD Grace‘s ‘Dodgy Bus’ and Lisabet Sarai‘s clever parody of ‘The Night Before Christmas’; Bella Settarra‘s ‘If I’d Wanted Sex’ is a delight, as is Kay Jaybee‘s saucy alphabet.


Meanwhile, Ashley R Lister’s ‘Old People Sexadrea kore poetry‘ is feverishly naughty and utterly irreverent, embracing the ridiculous.

Janine Ashbless also achieves this with aplomb in ‘On Erotic Vocabulary’:
‘Mighty Weapon makes me queasy
Throbbing Manhood sounds diseasy’

and in her playful ‘Song for Whoever’.

Here is an anthology bursting with treats and treasures. You’ll want to dip in time and again, to savour its moods and melodies.

Coming Together in Verse, edited by Ashley R Lister

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